World of entrepreneurship !

The world of business and entrepreneurship sounds very exciting and glamorous, but in reality, it is relentless effort, visionary thinking and needs independent courage. With the evolution of communication technology and globalization, many have ventured into the world of business, without knowing the rules of business. Research says that 7 out of 10 businesses fail within the first two years. The main reasons are lack of business experience and prompt support.

There are many business pundits and business preachers to get you started in business, but when it comes to sustaining and growing your business, you don’t find any. It’s not about how easy it is to start a business; the emphasis should be how you can succeed in business.

So, as a passionate business owner or entrepreneur, you need a business eco-system that can support you, sustain you and lead you to success.

Getting started in business

Getting started in business is not as challenging compare to sustaining and growing your business. Most people get into business with a TRADE skill and passion, quickly they realize it is not enough to sustain and grow business.

The question is, do you have the experience, advice, support, resources, business management tools & the business network to sustain and grow your business?.... Most of the time the answer is NO !

Like mathematical science, biology science, political science, business has its own “business science”, the more you understand business science the better is your success. …..Now to learn business science business schools are not enough, most learning happens with experience and experience needs risk taking and time.


This is 100% legal and a secured Business. This is not Sales / MLM / Easy Money/ Work from Home opportunity.

This is an opportunity for doers not thinkers.


Are You ?

What you get !

  • Below 40 Years in age A born leader
  • Tech-savvy
  • Of entrepreneurial mind
  • A global thinker
  • Able to invest upto 15,00,000
  • A chance to become a succesful entrepreneur with minimum risk
  • Get return from 90th day
  • Earn goodwill and profits in a reasonably short time
  • Know people and be known
  • Become a full time Board Member in 40 weeks

Then get ready for an opportunity that can transform your future!
Women entrepreneurs are most welcome.


This is 100% legal and a secured Business. This is not Sales / MLM / Easy Money/ Work from Home opportunity.

This is an opportunity for doers not thinkers.


Become an entrepreneur

employee or entrepreneur

Have you reached mid-life and just realized you are missing something, especially about the way you spend your time working for others. For most of us this realization hits Mid-life! You are no longer happy with our job, you feel less rewarded. Many a times you think you want to be your own boss and so on and so forth. For many quitting a job to start business is far too scary than risky. Can you really make your dream – a reality?

The answer is YES YOU CAN! Here’s how you can get started.

Define your purpose

leader or follower

There are two basic types of entrepreneurs; one is the ‘leader’ and the other the ‘non follower’. The difference is simple; the leaders are optimistic individuals who lead business with shear optimism, doing what they believe in. The non followers are trend setters who define new solutions and believe in improvisation.

The first step to be an entrepreneur is to have an understanding of your type and quickly get over the dilemma of what kind of business you need to be in; it takes longer than you think to figure out your type than starting a business.

Clarity is the keyword here. Any individual who wants to venture into business must have a great deal of clarity.

Have a better understanding


Many think they have to be an expert in everything and do everything themselves to succeed in business. The truth is most successful people find other people to help them achieve their goals.

Having a good network of people who can help and advise you is important. If you have clarity of what you’re trying to do, many people are happy to help you.

The key is don’t wait too long to get or ask for help.

Away from a corporate mindset


Working for corporations can set you up in a habit of a routine mindset. Take some time to ask yourself, the reasons you are in business and create a vision statement.

It’s about asking yourself some of the bigger questions in life and then defining what your business is going to look like? What will your clients look like? How will you be spending your time?

Realizing you don’t necessarily need to handle everything as you did before is the solution.

It’s better late than never


Living your most passionate dream is the true essence of living your life. Whatever may be your dream; if your dream is to be an entrepreneur then it’s easier than ever before. Many of us wait for the right time without knowing when the right time is.

The key is to apply time to your advantage by having a basic understanding of a step by step approach; one step at a time.

The solution – A simple approach

If you want to start a business but don't know where to start, don't worry - you are not alone. Here is my simple and straight forward solution.

a) Existing business to associate or partner


Based on your business goals identify an existing business to associate or partner with. Remember the key is to get started. Have a pre defined exit plan to get started in business.

Let me explain this better. All entrepreneurs and business owners need enterprising resources and support. Based on your area of interest and appetite to take risk, chose the business you would like to associate with.

b) Have a pre defined exit plan


Start associating in a part-time format with a clear exit plan. This provides you the first hand experience at the least risk. Your success from the venture can catapult you to start your venture in a better and confident way. Your experience with reality and understanding of your entrepreneurial strength will define future endeavors.

No matter what the motivation is, in order to be on your own the key is- just get started. All you need is to believe in yourself get started today.


This is 100% legal and a secured Business. This is not Sales / MLM / Easy Money/ Work from Home opportunity.

This is an opportunity for doers not thinkers.



A Global Start-up based in Bangalore, is inviting five young partners to be part of its business growth. As the internet media is evolving to become more community-based, take this opportunity to be an entrepreneur and be a part of a growing, community - based business venture.


Being part of a collaborative venture lowers your investment and reduces risk dramatically. So if you are a young, aspiring investor- entrepreneur, willing to transition into a full-time business, then this is for you. Come join us!


This is 100% legal and a secured Business. This is not Sales / MLM / Easy Money/ Work from Home opportunity.

This is an opportunity for doers not thinkers.


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